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Breast Beating Brigade or Secular Mercenaries in India??????


The breast beating brigade is out in full force as is their wont. Let me share with you something that I was intrigued with as a child. Similarity is rather striking in the actions of what I am going to narrate to you and our Secular extremists. What I am going to place before the readers many a young Indian may not fully appreciate the content and context since they live in nuclear families today as against joint families that were the norm in 60’s & 70’s in India.

In my pre-teens on a few occasions I had to accompany the family for a few funerals and the customary mourning period that follow, since the relatives were outside Delhi we were obliged to stay there for the entire period of mourning. Every morning a group of ladies dressed in impeccable whites would arrive and sit together in the center of the room their faces covered, as other mourners arrived; this group of ladies as if on a cue would start wailing in unison. After a short while they would fall silent and indulge in gossip. The process was repeated through the day for next 10days. I was indeed intrigued by this, but kept my consul. When my grandfather expired I was in my teens and the same group of ladies was there again, I could not restrain myself and somehow gathered enough courage to enquire from my grandmother about their identity and why they did what they did. 

My grandmother took the trouble of explaining to me, that these ladies were part of the Biradari that is our clan and the purpose of their wailing was to help family come out of the shock of loss of a dear one, as also the grief at the earliest by weeping, this was the   entire rationale which dictated this dedicated group of women to be present at every sad occasion for this they neither charged nor was any attempt made to pay them, it was part of social service and custom. 

Let us now revert to present from 60’s & 70’s the ritual has been converted into a lucrative business model by our Media, NGO’s and individuals, who gather in studios every time a judicial verdict is announced. Be it the Ayodhya, Dr. Binayak Sen, or Godhra train burning they indulge in breast beating, berate judiciary, berating the state and the incumbent Government especially if it is BJP. They shed copious amout of crocodile tears, while keeping an eye on the cash register which keep ringing regularly. No they do not help the victims overcome their grief; instead they exacerbate grief and spread victimhood among the members of a particular community. All this is done under the guise of seeking justice for the victims.

“On the face of it, this may appear to be a worthless and even self-defeating exercise since judges are expected to be swayed by arguments in the courtroom and not by spirited exchanges in TV studios. The judiciary, however, is not detached from society and judges don’t live in ivory towers. Like any other citizen, they too are prone to being influenced by their immediate environment. The purpose behind activists using the media to argue points of law and evidence (without having to bother about the opposing counsel) is simple: create a climate of opinion favourable to the cause they are espousing and portray other perspectives (including court judgments) as a travesty.” This is what Mr. Swapan Dasgupta has to say in “Legally speaking”

“This unpalatable truth has now come home to our duplicitous Hindu-baiting liberal media, politicians, and activists of all hues, with the sessions court declaring that the Godhra carnage was an act of conspiracy, pronouncing 31 accused as guilty, and acquitting 63 accused for lack of credible evidence.” By Rohit Srivastava in Judicial snub to crypto Islamists.

“Post the Godhra special courts judgement on the Sabarmati Express train burning case I wanted to comment on the criticism leveled by the usual suspects concerning the ‘undue delay’ in delivering justice. I ask to be forgiven for drawing attention to the possibility that a single mention of the victims of the case made to wait for almost a decade for justice is yet to be found.” centerofright 's blogpost, mentioning timelines, please see “Godhra Verdict: Explaining the delay”

“It is only when partisan agendas of politicians intrude into the realm of law and justice that things tend to go wrong. Therefore, it is a matter of great relief that the court verdict on Tuesday in the case concerning the Godhra train deaths in February 2002 was received with utmost calm by all concerned parties.” The Godhra verdict.

The flip side of the Godhra verdict lets again focus on just two posts one is a blog "Godhra verdict fails to convince" by Pankaj Vohra in Hindutan Time
“In fact, it was only after news mixed with rumours and inaccuracies circulated in the state following what happened in Godhra, Gujarat burned resulting in its worse communal trouble and deaths of thousands of innocent persons.” The facts are that 794 Muslims and 254 Hindus died as result of these riots that adds up to just over a thousand and not “thousands” as the author would have us believe. 

A sample comment post by Mr.Ishwar  in response to this blog.

“Mr. Vohra,
I can sense the pain this judgement has brought to the seculars like you. Not too long ago, the seculars used to say - "we'll respect the court's decision". Suddenly, when the decisions have started going against their propaganda, they have begun raising doubts over the judgement. The world is watching and thankfully people can see through the motives of your biased articles.
Learn to live with the fact that:
a) Lord Rama was born exactly at the spot where Babri Masjid once stood
b) Binayak Sen is guilty
c) Appointment of CVC was incorrect and
c) Muslims conspired to burn the S-6 coach of Sabarmati Express.

These are all coming from the judiciary.

Stop worrying about the 63 acquitted in the case. I don't see a single line of regret expressed towards the 59 who died in the tragedy. I have been told never to start a fight, but if someone troubles me, then it is me who would decide the severity of punishment that I would inflict on him/her. The Muslims in Gujrat asked for it and they got what they deserved. Ever since, they are quiet - having been shown their rightful place.”

Next is a far more enlightening article in the Hindustan Times.  :Narendra Modi 2.0 By Mr.Samar. Halarnkar 

 “Modi's biggest handicap remains his inability to apologise or deliver justice for the riots. No right-thinking Indian can forget a pogrom against any community, but especially not against a minority. India can't and must not forget the 1,200, mostly Muslim, victims of 2002, as it can't and must not forget the 59 Hindus whose horrific deaths sparked the subsequent carnage, as it can't and must not forget the 2,700, mostly Sikh, victims of 1984. The memories of these outrages fade but can't be forgotten.”   

This a sample comment by a reader of this article Mr. S.Asim
“Mr. Samar,
I presume that you gave the title first and then you wrote the article. So obviously you concluded something without going thro' the premise first. This is a 'herd' mentality. What are yr. criticisms- he is image conscious- what's wrong with it? Second, he did not apologise for the Gujarat riot; why should he if he is not responsible for it. According to author the memory of Gujarat riot will not fade. It would have but for Seculars, media included, are not allowing a healing touch. They kept soking it or for that matter the Babri demolition as if there was no temple demolished before it.
Why don't you speak of Noakhali riot or Direct Action Day riot at Calcutta where thousands massacred ( but unfortunately hindu lives, who cares) engineered by Suhrawardy which can be eclipsed only by the massacre of 3 million non-mulims in Turkey.
Come on SAMAR, let us engage in a healthy debate before the country is engulfed by Civil War for which you people will be squarely blamed.”

In conclusion if justice is the aim of this breast beating beasts then how come they have not spoken about 1984 Sikh Genocide where over 10,000 innocent Indians lost their lives and incidentally all were Sikhs not Hindu, Policeman or member of any other community was a victim. 27years on there is no justice yet there is deafening silence and a conscience effort to underplay the numbers also.

Communal violence is not good for the country no sane person would ever condone it. Worst is inflaming passions for political purposes and electoral gains for a particular party which in the after math of Ayodhya verdict is clueless since it main weapon has been blunted permanently by the people of India. 

Tragedy for Congress is that nothing is sticking and with each new verdict being pronounced by a court of Law it is losing ground. Bihar it has lost for a long time to come, Gujarat seems out of bounds, Karnataka despite its best efforts has firmly slipped away. Desperation is palpable hence the media has been unleashed yet again to recover lost ground, this is another self defeating exercise since media is confirmed den of the corrupt and tainted people, congress and media are complimenting each other in their free fall into oblivion, result is depressing with each news item or an article the rejoinders from public are getting more pointed and sharper.
Hindustan Times and Congress are sorely missing the services of Vir Singhvi who served them with distinction. Radia tapes have exposed the motivated and bigoted media before us Indians. Indians will not buy into these motivated claims and formulations. Time for course correction is upon the media. 

Latest on this issue as 04th March 2011

Latest on this issue as 09th February 2012

I welcome a debate and discussion on this…As always, please keep your tone civil, your language polite…no sweeping generalisations please and no personal abuse.  Thank you.

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