Thursday, January 15, 2015

Dishonest Indian Media displays it yellow streak.

11th January was mo different than the earlier 10days of the new year 2015.

Malini P of The Hindu was gung ho about Upanishads and Hadiths being taught in Madrassa. She did not stop to question the basic premise, who was teach what and in what language and what was there to be celebrated if at all this was being done. This is dishonesty at it highest being practiced by a publication which is no longer trusted for it content and the veracity of the stories.

To complement this we have an equally excited Sanjay Jha jumping like cat on hot tin roof about some trash dished out by an ex-Home & ex-Finance Minister from discredited Congress party who goes by the name P. Chidambram.

Ashish Khaitan yes that fake sting master from Gulail/Tehelka/AAP who always conveniently has an uncle for every situation preaching about Indo-Pakistan relations.

Shahid Siddiqui venting about Paris terror attack; most venerated person Barkha Dutt from the most respected and trust channel NDTV are at it how to divert attention from Islamic Terror, convert it into Free Speech/ Hate Speech, such is the compulsion of these crooks, that facts can’t be candidly accepted or spoken by them.

The there is this Sid Varadarajan of the constipated gang who must speak on any and every issue, regardless of ability or knowledge of the subject.

Terrorist loving Faieza Khan can be counted on to weigh in on a daily basis.   

This just about sums up the story for the day.

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