Thursday, January 15, 2015

Lift the Rock help Shekhar Gupta to crawl out and see it’s 2015 & not 2002.

There is nothing more gratifying than vindication for an individual, more so when it comes from qualified person of that field, industry.

Bharatiya Janata Party as a political party is unable to counter Main Stream Media in particular English language. BJP is the main target for all the TV channels and publication, just as PM Modi has been for past 12 years.

It infuriates supporters of BJP no end to watch party spokes persons floundering on these channel on Prime Time unable to make their point or counter the opposite view effective.

When one enters hostile territory it’s not just advisable, absolutely essential that one be totally prepared and at their sharpest, only then can opposition be countered effectively.
Media is anti BJP is a given, yet repeated BJP ministers are giving interviews, which can and should be avoided in order to convey a message of displeasure for the bias reportage.

Anand Ranganathan alludes to this fact in a series of tweets about Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar’s interview with Karan Thapar , who is well known for is open bias and hate for BJP.

We have the usual apologists Barkha Dutt and Rana Ayyub rant about Terror has no religion, but are unable to answer why Muslims defending the terrorists?

Sagarika Ghose has been away from TV screen and is craving for attention, her article in Times Of India are not getting her that attention. She does resort to tweeting and then complaining about the reaction. “ As you sow, so shall you reap” need to be pasted on her forehead for constantly reminding her.

Unemployed ex-editor of Indian Express is also searching for few seconds of glory on Twitter. Unfortunately he is yet to come out from under the rock that he had crawled in 2002. Very interesting cartoon by Arun Kohli

Tweet do tell a story if you have the time to read it.     

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