Friday, January 9, 2015

Secular Cowards in Indian Media use “Je Suis Charlie” for grand standing!!!!

After the initial reactions of shock, dismay and outrage, soon the discourse of Indian media and the protectors of Secularism started to veer on to the known and well trodden path. Root cause theory, extreme provocation caused by the cartoon, we condemn but….. finally got us the priceless gems condoning the terror strike in Paris from Mr. Mani Shanker Aiyer of Indian National Congress who traced the genesis to the war on terror started by President Bush of USA.

While the world mourned and stood in solidarity, disgustingly Indian media and it’s lousy lot of people were busy finding reason to stand with the terrorists. Some like Praveen Swami who is yet to digest the fact he has been exposed beyond redemption in his appropriated role of security specialist put out an obnoxious cartoon hoping he would be able to provoke Hindus in to violent reaction, to his dismay what he received in return was a cartoon.

Then there is Diva of Secularism yes the unethical person caught on Radia Tape Barkha Dutt claiming to be Secular and Liberal now who is to explain to her “Secularism is the principle of the separation of government institutions and persons mandated to represent the state from religious institutions and religious dignitaries. “  Secularism can be the fulcrum of a Nation State which mandate the above but an individual. Prostitution of the word “Secularism” has been on since 1976 and got very shrill ever since BJP has emerged as a political alternative.

Congress and this merry band of Secularist have converted this into an effective tool for discriminating against Hindus in India and justifying all the crimes in the name of Islam including Paris Terror strike.

Abhishek Manu Singhvi yes the same man whom we had seen on CD performing in his chamber. He goes on to compare Paris Terror strike with MPs of BJP Adityanath and Sakshi Maharaj. How could Mr Tushar Gandhi not weigh in on this after all he needs to remind the world he is still around.

Then there is the tortured intellectual by the name Sudheendra Kulkarni who wants a role as security advisor not just to France but entire Europe.

Nothing is complete unless we don’t get a daily dose of venom and hate from the most venomous individual to have ever appeared on a TV channel in India. You guessed it right Sagarika Ghose. What does she do attempts to divert attention towards Hindus.

How can Tehelka fame, Tejpal recruit convenient spare wheel which will attach itself to Barkha Dutt one day, next day it’s Sagarika Ghose etc etc. She expresses sympathies for one Police officer who was killed in Paris attack, but not a words on the other victims.

We are still waiting for the media in India to bring to us the complete details of the incident.
Seculars are cowering in fear, lest they be the next target.

Fantastic response to #charliehebdo attack via @DJack_Journo Do watch.

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