Thursday, January 8, 2015

Terror Strikes France, India in turmoil. Indian Journos take to abusing Hindus.

Brutal attack at the Paris headquarters of satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo which claimed 12 lives. Never have so many Journalists been killed in a day in war or peace time.

Location of attack is France, but the real turmoil was in India, without waiting the usual apologists who have always defended the indefensible were out with their usual tripe. Their grouse was they needed an equivalence from saffron terror, none is available. What do these secular Jihadis do next, start generalizing and targeting comments made by some obscure MP who is normally visible in Saffron attire this is enough for these dyed in wool Jihadis to begin vilification of Hindus who have nothing to do with this sad and horrible incident.

It’s said educate a woman you educate a family; Don’t know what values has Sagarika Ghose passed on to her family. Her frustration and hate for Hindus is apparent when she posed an obnoxious question, she should have stayed focused on the incident of terror in France instead she draws sadistic pleasure in provoking Tweeple on Twitter, desperately seeking a violent reaction which would then make it possible for her claim about the violent nature of Hindus and how insecure she and her ilk are in India.

Sagarika Ghose maybe does not recall what photo Teesta Setalvad had posted and she still live safe and secure in India.  

In this exercise of hers she is ably supported by non other than Rana Ayyub of Tehelka recall Elevator rape case Tarun Tejpal she belong to that setup. This is a long conversation please do go through it all Tweets are posted.

The we have Faieza Khan who was preaching to Hindus on being open minded in case of #PK. Do read her Tweet it an eye opener.

There is Mihir S Sharma who raison d’etre is hate Hindus. His conversation is also posted.

Amb. K C Singh is another apologist of these terrorists, instead of questioning the terrorists is questioning the victims.

Ah let’s not overlook the most popular voice for the victims of India’s secularism
Yes she speaks about freedom of Speech and blocks all those who pose inconvenient questions to her, threatens legal action against those who expose her who can forget Chaitanya Kunte.

Then is this intellectual called Sudhreendra Kulkari proffering the same old Islam not responsible.

Newspaper The Hindu published an article in support of the terrorists  and took it down hastily, wonder what were the compulsion for both acts.
New kid on the block seeking to get popular takes to abusing Minhaz Merchant.

Latest addition to the discredited individual in the profession of journalism is  Praveen Swami. Who has given up on what he claims to be his core competence Security issue. He is busy abusing Hindus, PM Modi, BJP and India also.  

This is a massive haul of Tweets  which do give you the story of 7th Jan 2015. 

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