Thursday, April 30, 2015

arvind kejriwal is living the fable of boy who cried wolf once too often...

Arvind kejriwal and his gang of thugs are in deep trouble not just because of murder of Gajendra Singh  but also on account of fake degree of it’s minister for law. Aam aadami party has everything that a political patrty shud not have. Arvind kejriwal in particular has made too many tall claims and relentlessly accussed others of crimes that this man and his party have committed in the brief period that it has existed.

Agent of naveen jindal has never spoken a word against this crony captilist or against congress for whom he and his thugs have pimped regularly and shamelessly. No invitation to farmers from amethi. Because that would hurt shehzada rahul Gandhi.

The noose is getting tighter by the day. Hope this gang of murderds is made to pay for their crimes by the law of this land.

AAP leaders instigated Gajendra: Here's what Delhi Police's report on farmer's death says

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