Friday, May 1, 2015

. “mediawhores” have a new monicker “pappu bhajanmandali”

Congress and mediawhores or pappubhajan mandali would have us belive that their boy wonder will deliver India from all that ails it. This is a reduex of MMS who the public refused to buy despite 10years of hard and desperate selling by congress ,its mediawhores.
This boy wonder was missing for nearly 2months. No one knows where , for what and if he did anything of consequence in those 56days. He departed for Thailand , arrived from Thailand. Let your fertile imaginations conjure what the boywonder did in that country for 56days.
Ever since his return he is again being sold to us as the ultimate penacea for India. Discovery of India bharat ek khoj was written by his great grand father Nehru. Itemboy has shortened it to bharat ek sochch. Then he sold the idea of Jupiter escape velocity the only way for poor to come out of poverty. Boywonder in one stroke rubbished his grandmother indira gandhi’s garibi hatao abhiyan and also called it a fraud.He has yet to tell us why his family has kept Indians impoverished and illiterate for so many years if not for this family to live a life of royalty?
He also has the termity to call India a beehive and rubbish the MakeInIndia efforts of the current govt.
We are not sure when this alien will go missing again.we are happy he hs delivered congress to an all time low seats in gen election 2014 and will soon deliver a congressmukt bharat which most Indians dream and pray for on a daily basis.

May you succeed boywonder our best wishes are with you in this endevour of yours.

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