Wednesday, April 15, 2015


Indian public has been at loggerheads with media for over 6 years. This all started when congress established a cottage industry of 2002 gujarat riots. NDTV CNNIBN Barkha dutt, rajdeep sardesai have been the most active participant in defaming Gujarat state, govt and the then chief minister. Public has very robustly refuted the claims made by those named and many others unnamed here. Their allegations came to a nought when the hon supreme court appointed sit found no evidence against the govt of Gujarat and the chief minister. Public angst against MSM has not reduced even today. Mediawhores is a common term used for those who have been peddling lies for past 13 years.
We the users of twitter have been very voiceforous in our opposition to these motivated media persons. Millions of us worked very hard to ensure that we have a bjp govt at the centre with mr. modi as the prime minister. This did happen on 16th of may 2014, since then media has become more vicious toward the GOI, BJP  AND PM Modi.
While the tweeple continue to fight & expose the falsehood of media.
a cabinet minister arun jaitley appearing repeatedly for interviews on this channel. Tweeple are no slaves they have raised their voice against the minister. Ndtv has cases against it which are not making any progress , this has incensed public even more against the minister.
Repercussion for BJP will be serious next time round if this does not come to an immediate halt. Public is not going to forgive the person  and the party for this transgression.

Choice is with minister to desist or for the senior leaders of the party to restrain him from going against popular sentiment.   


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