Friday, April 17, 2015


Irrespective of what the newspapers publish, tv channels bark & yell about. We on Social Media particularly on twitter have a way of distilling out the real news and presenting it thru screenshots.

This is much more credible than the so called Main Stream Media.

Take the case of the screen shots posted below. Did any channel speak about the fate of 80 hindu families who were coered into converting to islam to save their houses in rampur UP. Is this legal? Does the constitution permit this? Are hindus in India not living under a constant threat from fundamentalists of islam & Christianity who indulge in conversions by means foul. Constant ranting about church being vandalized. When pictures are posted on twitter to tell the factual state of affairs . what happens next? Twitter suspends that account. No respect for law of the land by twitter selective censorship being imposed. Photos of rahulG & soniaG speak volumes and they are contrary to the jubiliations being experienced & expressed by mediawhores.
Then there is that arvind alone partty which is yet to exit from the cave where it was conceived. Putting poster of gen vk singh who was in the thick of action in yemen evacuating people from not just India but 26 other nations. Did the MSM report this no total silence mafia astyle omerta being practiced.
Us prez obama writes profile of pm Modi for times magazine, this gives serious byrn injuries to congress it slaves & mediawhores
Pierrefitter needs to be educated nsa is for the nation and notr for the PM. This point is missed by this sidekick of mihir s sharma.
Mamata CM of bengakl is re writing theIPC in her state and her goons are running amock MSM  is silent.

Teesta setalvad is in the run from law. Congress is defending her vigorously lest she spill the beans about congress’ role in 2002 gujarat riots.



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