Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Press or media in India is like lipstick on a pig.

What we are witnessing today is not new. Genisis of this is in 2002 gujarat election, when congress unleashed one of the most virulent political campaign against a political opponent, but still ended up losing the election. This was followed by deploying Indian media and NGOs of every hue to defame cm of Gujarat, any body who was willing to take potshots at cm of Gujarat was enlisted by congress regardless of that individuals knowledge and understanding of the India and riots in India. Only criteria was defame , level allegations against cm of Gujarat, veracity and evidence was not needed just add to the din that congress had  initiated, despite all this congress yet again suffered a humiliating defeat in Gujarat, followed by another one in 2012, by now even the SIT had found no basis to continue to hound or prosecute the cm of Gujarat. SC ruled against congress design of legally implicating cm of Gujarat.Court verdict was expected in favor of cm of Gujarat. 2014 saw congress decimated at the hustings. Cm of Gujarat had now assumed office of pm of India. Congress and crony mediawhore could not digest this. First incidence of a media person stepping out of line was at Madison square garden new York when Pm modi was on a visit to U.S.A. rajdeep sardesai has the honour of being the first person from medis to have disgraced India while the PM of India was on a visit to that country.

Only a couple of days back media in India added another feather to their cap. When they were asked to leave Nepal for their disgraceful conduct.
Before it became common knowledge, this ignomy was twisted t& presented as govt of Nepal having asked indi to recall all it’s rescue workers from Nepal. The usual venomous and anti India individuals from Indian media came to the fore only to be further shamed by people of India.

Tweets posted below speak the story in full as the event unfolded over the past couple of days.




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